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Louis Brackel & Margreet Steenbrink

"Get your employees to their AND your dream", Lifo® licensees The Netherlands

2007 Global Conference - LIFO-Netwerk

Breakout session:
Based on our work as business consultants, management trainers and coaches we want us to work and think together in a workshop environment. Based on the LIFO® behaviour types we will explore questions such as:

  1. How you can you use LIFO® in a training which is about “How to have appraisal conversations with your employees”
  2. Using LIFO®  in the development of competencies

More specific: the workshop is about getting insights how to get a connection with an employee who shows behaviour what is being experienced as cumbersome by the manager.
Using LIFO® as an effective means to get into a conversation with your employee about the results you require form them and about the individual competencies to be developed.

The workshop will consist of cases interactively being explored by the participants (main part) and some discussion and interchange of experiences concerning possibilities and impossibilities of this concept. A unique opportunity to grow your insights and experience.

Number of participants: minimum 8-12, maximum 25
Workshop facilitators

  1. Louis Brackel - Co-Efficiënt Management Consulting
  2. Margreet Steenbrink - Steenbrink Training & Coaching

Louis Brackel - Co-Efficiënt Management Consulting

Louis Brackel has founded his company in 1999. Having a background in Finance and Control, Louis expanded his range and experience from management consulting to management training and coaching. Louis is an Co-Active Coach (see www.thecoaches.com).
Co-Efficiënt Management Consulting is a consultancy company which support large profit and not for profit organisations with the realisation of structural performance improvements.

When the strategy of an organisation is being formulated, Co-Efficiënt helps to set objectives and performance measurements to be able to conduct the strategy of their companies. We make them not only clear, but also measurable. To ensure that improvements are permanent and visible. Together with our client organisations we formulate projects to foster major improvements. And we accompany and coach the teams in implementing the improvements. Our focal point thereby is to pay as much attention to:

  1. team performance
  2. individual performance of every team member and
  3. performance of the structures and systems.

Louis integrates his business and finance and control background with his experience and knowledge of individual and organizational behaviour. Louis has worked with all levels of management in all kind of organisations, e.g. Canon, different Dutch federal government agencies, Rijkswaterstaat, KPN, Athlon Car Lease. See www.co-efficientconsulting.nl

Margreet Steenbrink - Steenbrink Training & Coaching

Margreet Steenbrink worked until March of 2007 at the Schouten & Nelissen Company as a business consultant, management trainer and coach for many years. She also works as a professor at the Master in Stress and Reintegration, concerning coaching. Before this she was a manager in a health company and lecturer at the Hoge School van Amsterdam.
At Steenbrink Training & Coaching she focuses on facilitating support on personal and  professional development of working people in organisations. Margreet combines her psychological background with her extensive experience and knowledge of organizational context and individual behaviour. In particular she is expert on Teamcoaching, Management Development Programs, Personal Effectiveness, Personal Development and individual coaching. The individual goals of a coachee or members in a traininggroup are leading for the  working method and theoretical approach. Margreet is very experienced in working with mostly managers in all kind of organisations, e.g. Microsoft, Sony, Achmea, Court of Justice, The Dutch Bank, ING, Stibbe, Utrecht Medical Centre.

"You’ll never achieve success
unless you like what you are doing"